RFID Ladies: spotlight on recent scientific and industrial advances of Women Engineers

Session Organizers:

Cecilia Occhiuzzi, Tor Vergata University, Italy
Johanna Virkki, Tampere University of Technology, Finland

The “female” contribution is, from the very beginning, one of the most distinctive features of the RFID Community. In both Academic and Industrial sectors, outstanding Women have contributed with innovative ideas and applications to the acceptance and the deployment of the technology, with a worldwide recognition in terms of Scientific, Educational and Industrial leadership.
The aim of the session is to share experience and achievements to inspire other researches and applications. Contributions describing scientific achievements as well as contributions describing the adoption and implementation of RFID technology in real test cases and Companies will be both considered. The multidisciplinarity of the topics will be promoted, such to give to the audience a complete overview about the “state of the art” of RF Women Engineers.